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The vibrant colours and artistic touch of African fabrics is slowly but surely beginning to change peoples’ view on African fashion. The style has stimulated the senses of all fashionista’s across the globe. Including well known fashion designers such as Stella McCartney. McCartney once featured one of these amazing prints in the notorious Paris Fashion week. It seems the uniqueness and strong character of these fabrics is becoming a desired phenomenon worldwide and there’s no sign of it slowing down soon.

In this article we are going to look at some of the best fabrics/prints that are gaining huge popularity in the fashion world today.

1. Ankara

Currently taking the world by storm. The fabrics dominating the Ankara style are gorgeous to look at. There’s no doubt about the fact anyone would want to transform them into catwalk worthy pieces. The Ankara style often comes in Jamaican colour as well.




2. Wax prints

Wax printed clothing is one of the top selected prints .These clothes were said to be originated in the Dutch East Indies or Indonesia. A really popular style during the mid-19th century in Africa, these fabrics’ communicative values indicate the social status and wealth of whoever wears them. This style of prints is rapidly becoming more mainstream, gaining popularity all  worldwide.



3. Brocade suits and head wraps

Brocade suits are tailored from cotton fabric. The trousers and tops are designed in a way that represents the African roots and traditions. The style is detailed with embroidery, making the brocade fabric look even more luxurious and beautiful to look at. African head wraps constitute a big portion of the history and culture of Africans. It is said that head wraps were originally worn to represent wealth and social status of an individual. Today head wraps can be worn for various reasons and purposes, including religious ceremonies as well as a fashion accessory.




4. Wrapper

Wrapper is commonly known as “pagme” or “lappa” and it is widely worn mostly in West Africa by men and women. It can also be categorised into two types which is formal and informal depending on the occasion. It comes in simple draped forms but ranges to fully tailored ones and this style can be created with various fabrics.


5. Swiss voile shirts and trousers

Swiss voile garments are for men with high fashion value, also used to denote the feel of luxury. They are woven embroidery and sometimes come with a perforated finish to keep its wearer cool during a hot summer season. It is one of the better known fabrics adopted by Africans since the 60’s. Because of its famous tops and trouser designs,Swiss voile has become a popular part of mainstream culture in terms of clothing.