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Top 5 Hollywood celebrities rocking African print with pride

Top 5 Hollywood celebrities rocking African print



There are no barriers when it comes to styling the Ankara print as seen on your favourite Hollywood celebrities.
The Ankara print is taking the world by storm with the likes of famous Hollywood celebrities like Beyoncé and so many others.

African prints has gottem its profound influence on fashion lovers across the globe. It is now an acceptable trend in the fashion industry and even top fashion designers have now incorporated these awesome prints into their designs.

Here are some of our selected Hollywood stars rocking the African Ankara Prints fabric.

1. Beyoncé:

When one of the best living female entertainers is spotted rocking the Ankara prints with so much confidence and style, it became apparent that these prints are here to stay for good. Beyoncé is well known for her flamboyant beautiful outfits on red carpets or award ceremonies. Unlike what we have seen before she took her fashion with these prints to another level by having them in different styles like pencil skirts, jumpsuits etc, giving the prints all the life they needed.

2. Nicki Minaj

We all love Nicki for her music and fashion sense, however this iconic female rapper has always done it the body-tight way compared to other celebrities on this list. She chose to rock this print in a way that accentuate her incredible physique

3. Nicole Ari Parker:

You might have known this Hollywood Actress in her movie roles in “Roscoe Jenkins” or “downsized” but we can’t help but admire the way she presents her beautiful African dress. This might be due to her long term marriage to Boris Kodjoe, a well-known actor of African descent.

4. Rihanna:
It is impossible to have all these divas on the list without including the fashion icon herself,  Rihanna. She gave the prints the sophistication it needed

5. Kim Kardashian

Some of you might not be the biggest fans of the show “keeping up with Kardashian” but you can’t deny the fact she looks good in African prints, especially when she wears it with this much elegance.